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Summer's coming:  Exercise Tips for Soon-to-be Moms

Summer's coming: Exercise Tips for Soon-to-be Moms

Summer’s coming: exercise tips for soon-to-be moms

There’s usually that one thing on every mom-to-be’s mind: our changing bodies. Now it’s May, the sun is shining and you’re probably thinking about rockin’ some cute maternity dresses and skirts. But is it safe for pregnant women to exercise?

The short answer is yes. Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits for both you and your baby, but there are definitely some exercises and positions you should avoid. Here are a few tips for you and your tiny workout buddy, to keep you both safe this summer.

DO work your core. Working your core is safe in the first and second trimester, but there are a few adjustments you should make. Rather than laying flat on your back, try four-point kneeling on your hands and knees and use your elbows to support you when lying on your back or front. This can help minimize disruption of the abdominal wall during pregnancy.

DO use weights. Using weights is will help maintain muscle tone during pregnancy and minimize aches and pains. Just make sure to use lighter weights and reduce range of motion (especially as your baby bump grows). Steer clear of any machine with a pad that presses against your belly.

DO eat enough. Exercise burns calories, so make sure you are eating enough for you and your unborn baby. Talk to your health care provider for information on the amount you need throughout your pregnancy.

DON’T do high-intensity workouts. Your joints are less stable because of a hormone called relaxin released during your pregnancy, so high-intensity exercises are generally unsafe. Modify your high-impact exercises or try low-impact activities like yoga, Pilates, swimming or biking.

DON’T lie on your back after the first trimester. This position can restrict blood flow to and from the heart. Make sure your chest is elevated above your hips, using an incline bench or your elbows.

Lastly, DON’T ignore the feedback from your own body; growing a tiny human is exhausting. Your body knows what it can handle, so listen to it!

Try and make a routine of exercising regularly, so that it’s easier on your body. Summertime is a perfect excuse to go for walks, ride your bike or do some stretching in your backyard. At the end of the day, staying active during your pregnancy will prepare your baby for the stress of labour and help you bounce back quicker after delivering.

Please note that this information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Always talk to your caregiver and let them know about your exercise regime.


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- Jaida Shenfield
a Fabulous freelance writer, and apart of the Ella Bella Maternity Boutique team! 

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

How fabulous is it to be a mom?!  It's probably the best thing to "be" in the world!  And there is one day a year dedicated just to us!  Nothing but hugs and snuggles, breakfast's and brunches, maybe even a special dinner.  Whatever the plans are they are made especially for us Mom's! 

Its make me even more happy that Mother's Day is nicely placed in May.  Might just be me, but its so fresh and Spring-ish outside, its the perfect month for a whole day dedicated to being a mom! 

If you are one of our longtime Bella's and have been following us for a few years, you will know Mother's Day is our BIGGEST day for a sale!  We will have lot's happening this weekend (May 13 & 14th) online and in store.  I can't give the sale details away entirely, but I will tell you its a STORE WIDE SALE.  Which, usually means its a good one!   Not to mention we will have a $20 rack, and every single transaction will get automatically entered into win a free Mommy & Me photoshoot with Cotton & Lace Photography

So basically, if you're reading this- you got the inside scoop!  See you this weekend =)

- Steph xo

Belly Bandit B.D.A. nursing Bra Giveaway

Belly Bandit B.D.A. nursing Bra Giveaway

We were thinking of something fun to do to kick off the Month of MOM!  You know, Mother's Day month!  We figured a giveaway for one of the Belly Bandit B.D.A. nursing bras would be perfect! 

We've all come to know and love Belly Bandit from their Upsie Belly and Belly Bandit postpartum wraps.  But did you know they made some fabulous breast-feeding bra's too?  This bra is made with ultra-soft fabric and has not clips, snaps or wires.  Its fit can grow or shrink- great for women in those final stages of pregnancy and wanting something to carry them into their nursing stage but are afraid of too much post pregnancy growth.

We all know what its like to try and get to sleep with these giant, growing nutrition makers.  Sometimes I wake up and one is in my arm pit.. No sure how a boob ends up in an arm pit, but trust me when I say it can! 

So, enjoy some nursing and pregnancy comfort with this bra!  Tell us what the gender of your new babe (or soon-to-be babe) and your due date to win!  Tag a sister who might want a chance to win too!  Winner will be picked Friday May 5th!  

Ciao Bella's 
-Stephanie Kozina