Embracing the Eco-Conscious Revolution: How Bravado Designs is Redefining Sustainable Fashion

At Ella Bella Maternity we are proud to provide the top brands in maternity and breastfeeding fashion, especially when those brands are Canadian and hyper-focused on sustainability! 

Bravado Designs has adopted a Four Pillars of Sustainability Philosophy– and that’s why we love to carry this incredible maternity and nursing intimates brand. 

Keep reading to learn how Bravado Bras has taken strides as a brand to become more sustainable by converting all existing and future products to sustainable yarns with zero sacrifice to quality, comfort, fit, or softness.

Bravado has successfully converted all their core nursing and everyday styles to be made with sustainable materials. Hooray!


Bravado Designs Brand Purpose:

Equip all momkind to thrive in their most important adventures.


Bravado Desings Brand Footprint:

A proud Canadian Company that’s been in operation for over 30 years.


Factory Partners in China, Turkey and Sri Lanka with fulfillment warehouses in the US, Canada, and the UK.


Bravado Designs Brand Manifesto:

The moment motherhood starts, life never stops. Changing Bodies. Changing Diapers. Playdates. Meetups. You’re all in. And so is Bravado.


Bravado Designs Brand Target:

Moms who like Bravado best –

  • Want to get the best performance from their maternity and nursing intimates
  • Don’t want to compromise beauty for function, and desire to feel feminine
  • Care about buying fewer, better intimates, designed to last
  • Recognise and celebrate all moms and their unique adventures


Engineered to support. Comfort. Elevate. Lift you up- literally and figuratively. Move with you. Compliment you. 


Bravado Brand Foundations: 

Bravado is the OG.

With 30 years in maternity and nursing intimates, Bravado deeply understands the needs and body of mom.  Bravado continues that knowledge and experience with our technical expertise to engineer thoughtful designs that elevate momhood and the industry alike.

Bravado is the masters of their craft.

Bravado is relentlessly engineering designs that thoughtfully meet the essential needs of Moms.  Never satisfied with status quo, we continue to push for better design, better fit, better materials, and better function.

Bravado is Momcentric in all they do.

Bravado wants to make Mom’s life better.  They are ceaseless in connecting with her, listening to her needs and taking on her feedback.  We celebrate that no one Mom is the same, and that all Moms should feel represented and cared for.

Bravado makes products that are designed to last.

Bravado products are engineered to last throughout the adventures, which is valuable to both mom and motherearth. They are committed to ensuring their products only contain sustainby sourced materials and are ethically manufactured to ensure their supply chain is designed to last as well.


The 4 Pillars of Sustainability – Bravado’s approach to sustainability is anchored by 4 clearly defined platforms.

  1. Sustainably Sourced: As much as possible, Bravado is using sustainable materieals in their garments and packaging. Packaging for sustainable styles will convert to FSC Certified Paper, 100% Recycled plastic and water based ink where possible
  2. Ethically Manufactured: Bravado only works with factory partnees and suppliers that share our respect for their employees and the environment. Our manufacturers are compliant with the 12 principles of Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production.
  3. Made to Last: We make high quality products that are designed to fit and made to last, so they don’t end up in landfills.
  4. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Bravado is working to minimize the use of C02 across their entire business and form a better understanding of how to make our processes more efficient.

Bravado Designs is here for all motherhood adventures. They have put the time, energy, and expertise in. To get every piece just right. So that you can feel your most comfortable. Your most wonderful. At pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.  Bravado. Beautifully engineered. Beautifully worn.


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