2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Ladies, how do you hint to your hubby about an Xmas gift that's been on your mind? comment below!  We do know sending them an email basically outlining what you want, along with the caption "I WANT ____" also helps too!

So, weather this is for you, your mom or sister, husband, or even that awesome aunt who always wants to spoil us, here is our top picks for holiday gifts!


We all know and love the Boob brand!  This organic line is not only perfect for nursing, but also fits those bellies fabulous! Plus, let's be honest... you will need something warm now and and also in summer.... We have cold nights! 
So keeping this piece around for the next few years will be easy because the quality of boob is sure to last!  Shop all the styles
Blanqi.... What can we say:  Well, not only are they our most popular selling maternity AND postpartum leggings, they are the perfect thickness so you don't have to worry about a givin' a show when you bend over to pick that soother up off the ground. Not Blanqi
This is exactly why we have added them to our gift guide!   Size Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large $85.00 
Guys... this one doesn't need a description.  Stocking. Stuffer. $29.99 BOOM! 
The 4-in-1 nursing scarves/ car seat covers!  We have a few different brands of these bad boys cause they are that popular!  Starting off with the Calgary companies, Love My Life Boutique, Baby Leaf Covers, and Little Chiefs Covers.  And then the big name brand, Covered Goods.  I probably don't need to describe this to the mama's, but if you're considering one for some else just know they are a hot commodity! 
Prices range from $49.99- $59.99
The dream diaper bag.  The one we want.  And frankly the one we deserve! 
Yep!  We have our own line! (stay tuned for more announcements), and not only does the Basics Tee  fit great, its priced great too!  At $44.99 this comfy and cute striped top will work for pregnancy and nursing.  Love it a lot?  It comes in 3 colours!  Woo!! 
Ahhhh Caden Shae!  We are learning to know it and instantly love it!  This is for those active mama's, or anyone who appreciates comfort (isn't that the styles these days)?  From bras, to leggings, sweaters and tee's.  Anything Caden Shae has made it to the top picks page!
Any amount.  No expiry date.  And great for those online or in-store shoppers!  Oh, did we mention you can buy them online too! 
Well ladies, there you have it!  Some of our favourite items squished into our holiday gift guide!  Time is running out, so don't forget to tag or share with those "Santa's".  Heck, even treat yourself for once! 


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