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The winner will be announced on Tuesday June 25th, 2024

This project is our love letter to the families that live and love in loss. Ella Bella Maternity, Pines and Roses, and Perfectly Imperfect came together on this passion project to support the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Centre Community in a meaningful way.
Through a donation of time and materials these mompreneurs have created a beautiful, heartfelt series of sweaters. 

The Artwork:

The Wild Garden was inspired by asking the public "what does infertility and struggling with loss feel like?" A garden that is wild and unpredictable and the journey to finding peace in that tangled space.
The Butterflies are an homage to the ones lost. As the butterflies take flight, the visual representation is not only the loss but also the light our cherished child has brought to our lives, even in a tiny moment.
The Dandelion was inspired by the plant itself. A plant that heals the body, specifically the heart. The dandelion represents resilience and perseverance in hard times. The two dandelions represent the beginning of healing and the closing of a chapter. They also represent the understanding that healing is not a linear path.

The Hummingbirds show strength in fragility, the two birds flying in harmony demonstrate that we can take our strength from things around us when we need it.  Hummingbirds are spiritually significant and mean that the spirit of a loved one is near.

“I won't be bringing flowers,
They cannot reach you where you are.
Ashes would return into ashes,
But the ashes won't bring you home.
I won't be bringing flowers,
They'd wither away and die.
I'd bring instead some butterflies,
To help you reach the skies.”
― Jocelyn Soriano, Of Waves and Butterflies

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