The Belly Bandit: Support, Protect, and Nurture your Belly

Giving birth isn’t the only miracle you can experience. With all the changes your body endures from pregnancy, all you deserve is to get back to your normal. Great news mommies! Ella Bella maternity shop has just the thing to make your post-pregnancy transition a breeze: the snug, the smooth, the slimming Belly Bandit! The powerful, medical-grade elastic is your first step to bringing your sexy mommy body back. This undergarment provides the ultimate belly, waist, and hips slimming result. It’s a comfortable, universal fit that will help you look and feel fabulous all day, every day.

Read on to learn how this post-pregnancy secret weapon supports, protects, and nurtures your belly.


The benefits of Belly Bandit wraps around your post-pregnancy needs every inch of the way to accelerate the healing process and streamline your silhouette. The powerful, latex-free material can be adjusted to fit around the belly, waist, and hips to create the ultimate slimming result. This garment uses “Stretch and Compress” technology to help you shrink down to your pre-pregnancy size all while supporting your back, legs, and core muscles. Best of all? It adds upper body support while breastfeeding your baby.


The Promodal fabric comes directly from nature and offers optimum moisture management. The smooth fiber structure helps protect you from skin irritation and bacteria growth.


Apart from its effect of giving you a flatter belly and a slimmer waistline, the Belly Bandit is uniquely designed to boost your self-confidence and help improve your overall body. The Belly Bandit also accelerates C-section healing and minimizes stretch marks. This carefully crafted, innovative product will help you look and feel your absolute best with each wear.

Take your first step back to normal with the Belly Bandit today. Leave a comment below and share your Belly Bandit experience with us!

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