Stampede Baby (and Bump): The 4-1-1!


OK Calgary!  The event of the year is upon us. Ten days of pure country-western style! Perhaps this year may be different for you, for one of two reasons: you’re pregnant or with a new babe!  So how does a new mama enjoy the Stampede from a totally different perspective? Well here are our suggestions!

Admission:  Kids under 6 get in for FREE!  Pack your diaper bags, round up your mom friends and head on down. If your kids are over 6 but under 12, Wednesday July 12th, they get in for free from 7am-9am. Perfect for beating the rush! (only $2 entry for them after 9am)
Shop:  Check out some of our backpack diaper bags to make life easier!

Where’s the party at?:  For all you early birds, hit up the Parade on July 6th!  Grab a spot along the sidewalks on 6th and 9th Ave. Available to the general public on a first come, first served basis.  Parade starts at 8am sharp!  You can also swing by the Kids’ Zone to for a meet and greet with PAW Patrol, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and a personal favourite of mine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Check out the full schedule of meet and a greet times!  There's also a ton of additional fun to be had at the Kids’ Zone!
Shop:  Don’t forget your Acorn & Leaf bibs for those sticky spills!

What to wear: Although we are scheduled for a heat wave here in Calgary, we can not go without recommending some of our denim!  Not only will you be comfortable in for those sticky rides (personally not a fan of my legs touching the seats) but you will be prepared should the weather decide to throw out a classic Calgary thunderstorm.  To help kick off the festivities, we are offering 25% off ALL denim in store and online! Paige, Ripe, and Noppies will be on sale from Wednesday July 5th to Sunday July 16th!  Use code STAMPEDE at the checkout to save! 

Some of our top favourite picks for what we have in store!

Papillon Cherry Blossom Mini:  Style with a cute pair of boots and your cowboy hat (DUH)!

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Compressions Leggings:  Great way to throw on your fave western top, be comfy and feel great with a slim look!  Great for the newly postpartum mama's!

The Papillon Plaid Collard Tunic!  Great for nursing, maternity and... afterwards! 

Finally, don't forget to check out the fireworks! every night around 11pm. This is free entertainment, you can even bring the dog!  Catch these from different lookouts around the city.  When I lived in Chestermere, I could climb up on my roof and watch! One of my favourite childhood memories is grabbing a spot at Scotsman's hill with my dad. He'd always buy me a glow ring to wear as a necklace.

Well that's all folks! Happy Stampeding! Don't forget to stay protected from the sun and...YEEHAW!  Feel free to leave us a comment. 

Until next time, 


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