SHHH | 10 Things to never say to someone who is expecting

Here at Ella Bella, we believe in a thing called "mommy etiquette". Whether it's asking before you touch their bellies or always giving them the slice of pizza, there are rules we need to follow. Read on below and find out our top 10 things to never say to someone who is expecting.

You’re huge!

This is a given for someone who is expecting, and they obviously notice this fact every day as their body and belly grows to accommodate their baby. Women do not need to be reminded of this every time you see them – it’s just not polite!

I hope you don’t name it ______

Everyone has their own opinions about names and which ones they like the most and like the least. It’s never a good idea to tell an expectant mom they shouldn’t name the baby something. Mom could end up second-guessing her own name choice that she loves.

I know someone who died during childbirth

Never try to offer up bad or unfortunate incidents that you know of that have occurred to you, or someone else, during childbirth. Noting that it is extremely painful, horrible, or that you can even die, is not something a mom wants to hear as she approaches her due date.

It’s going to take a long time to lose that weight

Again, this is something she is going to be aware of and probably thinks about often. Her body is no doubt way different than it was before she got pregnant, and it will be different again after she gives birth. The focus should not be on her body and all the weight she is going to have to lose at this time. Her body is doing something incredible – housing a baby.

You shouldn’t do that

There is an endless list out in the world of things pregnant women should not do. However, unless it is something extremely detrimental, it should not be mentioned. If mom wants to do yoga while she is pregnant, she should be free to do yoga. If she wants to lay down a certain way, she should lay down that way. It is her body and her baby. She has the freedom to do what she wishes while she is pregnant.

What if this happens to your baby?

Everyone wishes for a healthy baby, but that sadly is sometimes not the case. But, newsflash, mom doesn’t want to hear about all the things that could go wrong with her baby, so please don’t list them off.

It’s just your hormones

Hormones can make a woman emotional during her pregnancy, but not every show of emotion is just because of that. It’s best not to blame everything on her estrogen because she might just genuinely be rightfully upset or sad about something that day.

Did you plan this?

Either way, there is going to be a new life brought into the world and it shouldn’t really be asked if it was accidental or planned – it doesn’t matter.

Enjoy your freedom while you still have it!

It isn’t nice to suggest that a baby is going to “wreck” the life someone currently has when it comes along.

It must have been hard for you to get pregnant at 30+

Maybe it was hard and maybe it wasn’t, but it shouldn’t be mentioned. If a woman is expecting a baby later in her life she should be congratulated rather than be met with a string of comments.

Got it? Good.


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