Santa Baby | 10 hilarious photo ideas for your children and Santa

Posted on December 07 2016

Santa Baby | 10 hilarious photo ideas for your children and Santa

If you were to go through your childhood photos, there would be a good chance that you'd find a photo of you, Santa, a stylish haircut, and probably a horrific look on your face; it's a tradition. When it comes to recreating this heart-filled moment with your own children, it's important to head to the North Pole with a plan. So, to help you out with your festive photo op this holiday season, we've come up with our top ten photography ideas for your children and Santa--even if your little ones have a hard time cooperating.

If you cry, I'll cry

Photo Credit: Parenting

Don't look at me like that

Photo Credit: Parenting

Santa Whisperer

Photo Credit: Parenting

Hide and seek 

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Kelly Kaufman/Facebook

Don't bore me

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Bethany Silverman/Facebook

Bad behaviour 

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Cathy Ghrist Walker/Facebook

Camera shy

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Ted Herrera Jr./Facebook

Pull my beard

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Lee Snipes/Facebook

Come on

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Jenica Joy Runkel/Facebook

The whole family

Photo Credit: Huffington Post and Suz Anne/Facebook

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