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Public Service Announcement: Your kids are going back to school – go hug a teacher

Public Service Announcement: Your kids are going back to school – go hug a teacher

Did you hear that? Moms everywhere are poppin’ champagne, because the kids are back in school this month. Okay, maybe if it’s your kid’s first day of school, you’re crying.

But after that, you better be mixing yourself a mimosa.

Most moms have probably been busy making lunches and helping the kids stay organized (ohhh the back-to-school forms), but I am here to give you permission – no – order you to kick back and relax.

You have been entertaining (and chauffeuring) your kids all summer long. It’s time for some you time.

Here is my list of the top 5 things you should do to treat yo’self this month:

1.Spa day
 Even if it’s just an hour to get a pedicure, do it.

2. Catch up with friends
That’s right, it’s time to indulge in adult conversation. Over wine. And food (that doesn’t call for macaroni as the main ingredient).

3. Read a book
…without having to reread the same line over and over. Or better yet, watch some mindless grown-up television.

4. Keep the summer memories alive
You took 873201 pictures this summer, why not do something with them? Whether you’re printing and framing them or making an online album, now is the time! Don’t forget to send copies to grandparents.

5. Nap
Why? Because you CAN. And you should. And not feel guilty about it.

Don’t be afraid to self-indulge. And don’t forget to thank your kids’ teachers – the real MVPs this fall.

Happy September! May your kids’ homework be easy and their after school activities be plenty.

 -- Jaida Shenfield
a Fabulous freelance writer, and apart of the Ella Bella Maternity Boutique team! 

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