Plus size nursing bras: A guide to finding your best fit

We all come in different sizes and shapes and as we make the transition into being moms it’s important for both you and your baby that you feel comfortable during your pregnancy and throughout motherhood. This is especially true for those who need more specialized nursing wear, including plus size nursing bras. To help you get to know which plus size nursing bra is right for your body, here is our guide to finding your best fit.


Look for supportive fabrics and materials like cotton-spandex to make sure you are meeting your breastfeeding needs but still providing your body with comfort.



The key is to always find the wider strap to make sure that you’re adding weight support.



Extra hooks will be a simple way to making sure that your bra will grow with you during your pregnancy and motherhood.



Stretchable fabric in certain areas means that you can adjust the bra according to the support you need.

Make sure to remember that every woman experiences different changes in their own unique way during their pregnancy. Most women will grow out of their current bra collection between their sixth and fourteenth week of pregnancy and our main priority is to make sure that you’re comfortable. No matter what bra you end up choosing, make sure that it fits your lifestyle and provides you with the support you need.

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