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Planning to breastfeed? Here are 4 books for your library

Planning to breastfeed? Here are 4 books for your library

Just because breastfeeding is natural, doesn't mean that it always comes easy. Many women run into some difficulties along the way and need help with knowing what to do about sore nipples, finding the right positioning, difficulty latching, low milk supply, pumping and weaning to name just a few! Education plays a huge role in setting you and baby up for success on continuing to breastfeed, especially in the early stages so we've rounded up some of the best books for your library to keep you informed along your breastfeeding journey. 


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Author: Diane Wiessinger 

Dedicated to supporting nursing and expectant mothers, the internationally respected La Leche League has set the standard for educating and empowering mothers in this natural art for generations.

Working mothers, stay-at-home moms, single moms, and mothers of multiples will all benefit from the book’s range of nursing advice, stories, and information—from preparing for breastfeeding during pregnancy to feeding cues, from nursing positions to expressing and storing breast milk. 

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding provides:
• Real-mom wisdom on breastfeeding comfortably—from avoiding sore nipples to simply enjoying the amazing bonding experience
• New insights into old approaches toward latching and attaching, ages and stages, and answers to the most-asked questions
• Strategies for moms who choose to breastfeed for a short time or who plan to nurse for a year or more 
• Reassuring information on nursing after a C-section or delivery complications
• Recent scientific data that highlight the many lifelong health benefits of breastfeeding
• Helpful tips for building your support network—at home or when back at work
• Nursing special-needs infants, premies, multiples, and how to thrive no matter what curveball life throws
• Guidance on breast health issues, weight gain, day care, colic, postpartum depression, food allergies, and medications


Breastfeeding with Confidence : A Practical Guide

Author: Sue Cox

Breastfeeding with Confidence is a practical guide to breastfeeding designed to take the mystery out of the process and provide new mothers with the practical skills and insights they need to be successful. Author Sue Cox explains both the art and the method of breastfeeding, and addresses the fact that making milk comes naturally, but breastfeeding is a learned skill. When many mothers-to-be are asked if they'll breastfeed, they often answer, "I will if I can." Cox counters that answer proactively and positively with information, advice, support, resources and encouragement for new mothers.

Breastfeeding with Confidence provides:

  • Accessible information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format
  • Answers to any questions mothers could have about breastfeeding
  • Illustrations to help mothers with how to position their baby 
  • Symbols that label key information (the key symbol highlights pointers to becoming a skillful and loving mother, the male symbol indicates items that may particularly interest the father, the apple symbol denotes healthy actions, and the cross symbol is for emergency aid.)
  • Work pages for mothers to take notes and track progress
  • Helpful "things to do" suggestions as a proactive approach to solving problems
  • Stories and comments from breastfeeding mothers, with lots of reassuring advice and information.


Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers

Author: Nancy Mohrbacher

Some mothers encounter doubts and difficulties, from struggling with the first few feedings to finding a gentle and loving way to comfortably wean from the breast.

This second edition of Breastfeeding Made Simple is a comprehensive resource that takes the mystery out of basic breastfeeding dynamics. Understanding the seven natural laws of breastfeeding will help you avoid and overcome challenges such as low milk production, breast refusal, weaning difficulties, and every other obstacle that can keep you from enjoying breastfeeding your baby.

Breastfeeding Made Simple provides:

  • How to find comfortable, relaxing breastfeeding positions
  • How to establish ample milk production and a satisfying breastfeeding rhythm with your baby
  • How to overcome discomfort and mastitis
  • How to use a breast pump to express and store milk
  • How to easily transition baby to solid foods


Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding

Author: Ina May Gaskin

Everything you need to know to make breastfeeding a joyful, natural, and richly fulfilling experience for both you and your baby

Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding is filled with helpful advice, medical facts, and real-life stories that will help you understand how and why breastfeeding works and how you can use it to more deeply connect with your baby and your own body.

Drawing on her decades of experience in caring for pregnant women, mothers, and babies, Ina May Gaskin explores the health and psychological benefits of breastfeeding and gives you invaluable practical advice that will help you nurse your baby in the most fulfilling way possible. Inside you’ll find answers to virtually every question you have on breastfeeding.

Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding provides:

• The benefits of breastfeeding
• Nursing challenges
• Pumps and other nursing products
• Sleeping arrangements
• Nursing and work
• Medications
• Nursing multiples
• Weaning
• Sick babies
• Nipplephobia, and much more

"The reality is that both you and your babe have to learn together on your breastfeeding journey. If you are struggling, reach out to a lactation consultant from the start and you get the support you need to be successful."

- Carrie Bruno, Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation consultant + Mama Coach!


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