Newborn Photo Trend Alert: Bump Bowl Photos

It’s never too early to start creating memories of a lifetime during your pregnancy journey. Through the quick changes your body goes through each month, it becomes easy to look over the beautiful growth of your baby belly. A trendy type of newborn photography is going viral across the nation and is melting hearts of anyone who stumbles upon these pictures. This fad is called…Bump Bowl photos. Mommies, it’s time to bring back the bump. Read on to find out why.

This bump bowl is a beautiful way to see how babies used to fit in their mother’s womb and the the safe place they called home for nine months. The custom piece of art makes photos look even more special for families who had imagined what their baby looked like while listening to their heartbeat through mommy’s womb.

How is the bump bowl made?

A plaster cast is carefully shaped around mom’s belly between her 34-36-week mark and reveals a beautiful bump impression. The cast is then shaped and refined to make sure it is strong enough to support baby as he or she cuddles inside of it throughout the photoshoot session. No two casts will ever be the exact same and the sculpture of this pregnancy captures mommy’s full belly in its blooming stage. To make this bump bowl even more personalized, you can even paint it with your favourite baby colours, handwrite baby’s name, date of birth, size, or add a personal quote for that special touch.

 (Insider tip: this can be a great activity to do during your baby shower!)

What’s the photoshoot process like?

Rather than putting your baby in a typical basket or bucket (although still very cute), the bump bowl is a meaningful alternative that reminds mommy and baby of their connection for years to come. The bump bowl can also help relax baby during the photoshoot. Bringing something familiar to the photoshoot is can help make it a success, and the bump bowl is the perfect way to look familiar and make baby feel familiar. It’s amazing to see what baby looked like on the outside while still getting a rare glimpse of something they were never able to see before.  

What’s the deal with the bump anyway?

After the photoshoot, the bump bowl can remain a timeless souvenir for baby and his or her memories with mommy before birth. It’s a privilege to be able to capture moments such as this during a family’s special time together. This photo symbolizes the celebration of mommy’s pregnancy and the welcoming of baby into the world. This is a great way to make more memories for the family as it keeps a memory from the past and saves it for the future.  

Perhaps the baby bump bowl is all your family needs to create a bond that lasts a lifetime.  


Photos by: Jocelyn Conway 


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