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Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

How fabulous is it to be a mom?!  It's probably the best thing to "be" in the world!  And there is one day a year dedicated just to us!  Nothing but hugs and snuggles, breakfast's and brunches, maybe even a special dinner.  Whatever the plans are they are made especially for us Mom's! 

Its make me even more happy that Mother's Day is nicely placed in May.  Might just be me, but its so fresh and Spring-ish outside, its the perfect month for a whole day dedicated to being a mom! 

If you are one of our longtime Bella's and have been following us for a few years, you will know Mother's Day is our BIGGEST day for a sale!  We will have lot's happening this weekend (May 13 & 14th) online and in store.  I can't give the sale details away entirely, but I will tell you its a STORE WIDE SALE.  Which, usually means its a good one!   Not to mention we will have a $20 rack, and every single transaction will get automatically entered into win a free Mommy & Me photoshoot with Cotton & Lace Photography

So basically, if you're reading this- you got the inside scoop!  See you this weekend =)

- Steph xo

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