Local Love: Our newest collection Acorn & Leaf bandana bibs

Let’s be honest, it’s really hard not to spoil our little ones and give them everything we awe at when we shop. From #1 rockstar onesies to miniature sneakers, our cuties are full of accessories that make them even cuter (not that it’s hard). In light of our baby accessories, there’s a new brand that comes to mind at Ella Bella. Acorn & Leaf, a Calgary-born company, has a creative story that fits their creative bandana bibs and scarves. Read below to learn more about how it all started and some of the amazing products that we have available at Ella Bella Maternity.

Product Info:

All Goods are made from 100% new material.


The front side of bibs is 100% cotton and the backside is Flannelet for absorbency. It is finished off with a nickle free snap for longevity. Bibs will fit babies 0-1 years of age and toddlers up to age 3 with a second snap for sizing. Bibs measure from snap to snap 13.5 inches approximately and from top seam to bottom seam 8.5 inches approx.

Toddler Scarves and Adult Scarves:

Are made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Toddler scarves feature a snap at the back and can be worn as a headband for mum & toddler.

Adult Scarves can double as a nursing cover or shawl.

Products are designed here in Calgary, Alberta and made with care in Mexico. Acorn & Leaf works with an ethical company in Mexico and works directly with the seamstresses for their products. Having this relationship with their seamstresses is of great importance to them.

“I was a stay at home mom to our first son Isaac. I wanted to find a way to stay at home with our kids and use my creative side to do so. This is how Acorn & Leaf started.

I have always loved the bandana bibs as they create a fashionable yet functional purpose for everyday wear for our babes. I have always found that the traditional bibs over powered his outfits and would often fall off overtime as the velcro wore. Isaac received so many amazing outfits as gifts...but the traditional bibs would hide such a cute onesie or top...but if he didn't wear a bib he would be out of that outfit and into the next as he would be soaked from drool. I love the versatility of our Bandana Bibs; they're fashionable yet functional and just darling on our wee ones.

Together with my husband Josh we are now a family run company here in Calgary, Alberta.  Our goods are available to purchase at many fine independently owned retail stores across Canada.

Hope you enjoy the products as much as we do! Thank you for supporting a Mum & Pop Shop.


Acorn & Leaf”

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