Latest Instagram Obsession: DILFs of Disneyland

We can think of a few things that are gifted to us in life that we truly appreciate - good shoes, chocolate, wine … Disneyland. I mean who doesn’t love the most magical place on earth? Whether you’re five, twenty-five, or forty-five, Disneyland is an escape from the realities of the real world, a place where you can immerse yourself in the wonders of the Cinderella castle, the marvels of taking pictures with all of your favourite characters and the pure delight of putting on those Mickey Mouse ears and snapping a selfie. There are few places where you can find so much fun and fulfillment.

Disneyland is essentially all of our dreams and aspirations located in one beautiful place, just behind park gates. The treasures that are waiting for us within these walls that we all so desperately want to enter are equal, if not more, magical than the thought of the park itself: The food, the characters, the rides … the dads.

Yes, the hot dads of Disneyland. Yes, there is actually and currently an obsession with the “DILFs” of Disneyland. Yes, you heard us. In fact, the Internet has taken it a step further and has created an Instagram page dedicated solely to displaying the hot dads of Disneyland through a multitude of posts.

In the words of Maren Morris can we get a hallelujah? Can we get an amen?

This Instagram page displays a variety of different dads at Disneyland with their children. This fad is, of course, a combination of everything that is good – Hot dads at Disneyland (which we all love) with their cute kids (who doesn’t love a cute kid is our main question here).  

Here is one adorable dad with a miniature Peter Pan.

And another with a prospective Mickey Mouse.

I mean…does it get any cuter than this?

We really don’t think that it does, unless you maybe have a cute kitten or something.

Overall, the consensus is a general love for these hot dads roaming around Disneyland with their kids, and we can’t help but agree. We can’t really think of anything else on Instagram that is as good as this page right now. This could even be better than hot dads with puppies, correction, it is.

We know that an escape to Disneyland is expensive and hard to plan while juggling work and kids. So, kick back, relax, grab a glass of wine, and indulge in the DILFs of Disneyland – close enough right?


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