Help in the Dark of Night By Jordan Joanisse from Redefine Maternal & Family Support

Help in the Dark of Night By Jordan Joanisse

If you are currently in the thick of a newborn timetable, parents around the world salute you and applaud you for taking it one step at a time!

There you are, in charge of someone’s life, their feedings, loving them, soothing them, keeping them clean and safe, and what do you get?

A test of your wills. You get to discover your true limits in this life.

How far can your mind and body be pushed to the brink of cracking?

How do you survive with little to no sleep?

During those first weeks of newborn life, it can challenge you, and all you focus on is taking one moment at a time, watching as the day fades into night and back to day again. During the sleepless nights, you reminisce of the nights where you slept for more than two hours at a time, but now, the days and hours fold in on each other and your survival mode is kicked into high gear.

It is a near to impossible job, but you survive and you will continue to survive. In those moments of standing on the brink, you call me. I am the light that will come in, not judging, only helping, because I understand the value of my aid and how it will benefit you and allow you to be an even better parent to that child you love so deeply.

What do I as a postpartum doula do to help in moments like this?

I show up. Day or Night, I show up.

In the realm of overnight care, we see each other very little, but the benefits are amazing.

I swoop in late at night, usher you to bed, and quietly snuggle in with your newborn elsewhere in the house while you start to shut your mind down and go to sleep.

You may wake briefly because it is so quiet, but you slowly ease back into your fabulous pillow and mattress, and float back to sleep. I will gently wake you when feeding time arrives (if breastfeeding) you sit up, feed, visit with me if you so wish, and then I slip out with your precious cargo once you are done, and you slip back into your dream.

In the quiet dark of night, I take care of what needs to be done: the soothing, the diaper changing and more. It is precious time to me; to help a family and be trusted to care for such a valuable member of their family. There is something so pure and blissful about a newborn babe (especially a sleeping one!)

One overnight can provide you with a fresh wind to face the day, with a clarity you have not seen in days! I have seen just 1 overnight, make a week seem like a breeze in comparison to the week before just from having that one night of decent sleep. When you are able to rest your mind, and allow it to recuperate, you will notice a massive difference in how you are able to face the day.

So, give me a call, lets chat about you getting some sleep.

I can be the light in the dark, the warm hug in the chaos, and the reprieve your brain is needing.

I am your Postpartum Doula.


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