Healthy Mom Handbook Review

All right Bella’s! 

 I recently got a chance to review The Healthy Mom Handbook designed by Nicole Moneer.  Nicole is a holistic lifestyle coach, nutritionist, IFBB Pro (the list goes on!) and most importantly a mom!  She’s designed a complete online program that takes you from the time you are trying to conceive all the way through your pregnancy to your post-pregnancy goals!

 The program is designed for women of all fitness and activity levels.  Each module provides you with the correct information on not only what to do, but why you should do it.  Which is great if this is going to be your first time heading into a healthier lifestyle, or even if you’re at an advanced level.

Nicole has broken down both an exercise schedule and an eating schedule for you!  However, she has a great emphasis on listening to your body.  We are all different, and I love how she drew so much attention to ensuring we remember to know our limits.  Her diets start from the pre-conception phase so really aiding in preparing your body for pregnancy.  Something I think should be taken more seriously, so I love how The Heathy Mom Handbook begins there!  The diet goes all the way through each trimester and finishes with a 72 page book filled with healthy recipes for your family (and trust me, they’re amazing)!

Finally, you won’t believe how many amazing workout videos she has provided in this program.  Everything from stretching, Pilates, all the way down to weigh lifting!  The videos are detailed, in depth, and are demonstrated.  I’ve done lots of workout videos, and this one doesn’t miss a move.  Nicole makes sure to properly describe all the movements as she goes through them.  The workouts vary for all fitness levels.  Some lower impact and some made to really get that calorie burning on!


You can check out The Healthy Mom Handbook here.  Its amazing because you can purchase online and stay in your own home if you like!  She’s the at home trainer we all wish we could find.  Make sure you have a quick chat with your doctor before beginning any fitness activities.

Happy Healthy Mom journey, Bella’s!