Getting Lost in Layers with our New Favorite Kimono

Posted on September 28 2016

Getting Lost in Layers with our New Favorite Kimono

The fall season has finally rolled around and with it comes colder weather, orange leaves, and tons of layers -- layers of clothing, that is. As the heat diminishes and the cool air rolls in, it is important to stay cozy and warm throughout the upcoming months.

We would like to introduce the Lost in Layers Kimono as one of our fall favorites for moms this year. In fact, we would like to say that the kimonos are not just for moms and expectant moms, but also for women of all ages and sizes. This kimono allows you to pick out a variety of different pieces for your outfit and layers over as a finishing piece. Lost in Layers Kimonos are unique in the sense that there are only up to two kimonos made in each distinct fabric selection and length.  This ensures that each kimono and individual buy is special - you probably won’t be running into anyone who has one like yours anytime soon!

These kimonos are handmade with careful detail to guarantee that quality is an evident aspect of every kimono that you purchase. The idea of Lost in Layers grew out of the owner’s own needs and desires for more diverse options and patterns in kimonos. They are created in Calgary with high attention to detail. The colors and patterns that these kimonos come in are endless, and can easily match any outfit in your wardrobe. We love them and we’re sure that you will fall in love with them too when you slip on the soft fabric and look at yourself in the mirror. Whether you want a solid color or a fun print, Lost in Layers has it all for the taking.

These fashion favorites are now available for purchase right here on the Ella Bella website and we couldn't be happier :)


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