Fall Shower Inspo 🍂

Ok, so your baby shower is only a few weeks away and you and your girls need to get planning! Well look no further, here are our top suggestions for your fall baby shower this season!

DYI Decor

I am not the most "crafty" person, so I'm super happy someone else will be doing my baby shower for me.  So I've picked some of the easier DYI options for a fall shower (if you are crafty, tag us, we want to see your work girl). 

The great things about this is you can change to blue for a boy, or even charcoal if you are looking for something gender neutral! (Source: Joann.com)

Great idea, low cost, and you can use these for home decor from September- November!(From: Just Imagine)

(From Pinterest)

Best thing about this.  Buy it!  From Etsy!


The guest book

I’ve seen a lot of cute guest books, but this DIY pumpkin from somethingturquoise.com is seriously something amazing! Just make sure you are using the proper paint, and maybe a fake pumpkin, so you can keep this forever!


The treats!

Don't lie, on the way to every shower we all think about the snack bar, hoping to get some tasty treats!  In this case, I am loving the mini caramel apples, the cute pumpkin sugar cookies (easy buy at the grocery store this time of the year!), the pumpkin cheese tray, or the pumpkin veggie platter.  These are all simple, seriously cute, and sure to have us shower snackers happy!

(Source: Choosing to be colourful)

(Source: Kara's Party Idea's)



What to drink?

Probably the cutest, and simplest, touches are these little jugs filled with some beverages for your guests. They also make a great addition to the decor! Drink choices are up to you, but Pumpkin Spice Iced Latte, and Pumpkin Sangria 👌


(From: Elle Clair Inspired)


The Party Favours 

I'm not sure about you ladies, but I find this one the hardest part of a shower.  I am a person who doesn't like waste, so I always try to make sure the gift is going to be something my guests will actually use. But, it's also something I don't want to break the bank. I mean they're here to spoil the mom, not vice-versa! Which is why I loved this cute little fall soap idea. So simple with the twine, useful and perfect for the theme!  Or the personalized fall scented candles, because who doesn't love a new fall candle?! 

(From: Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms)

(via: Instagram thedancingwick)


Share your Fall showers with us!!  We want to see what are Bella's are doing!  Happy Pumpkin season!


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