Did I Just Say That? Five Phrases That Come Along with Being a Mom

The initiation to motherhood may seem like it starts the second your little one is welcomed into your world. You begin to learn a lot from your little one...from adjusting with new protective mother-bear instincts, to breezing through a productive day with an average of four hours of sleep (or less). But when do you know you’re officially a mother? Maybe when you realize…you’ve become your mother.

“Did I just say that?”

Oh yes, mama, you did. And it’s okay.

Here is a list of the top five phrases stemmed from popular motherly language clichés that come along with the task of raising your little one. Words that you swore you may have never been able to roll off the tip of your tongue after hearing it first from your mom or someone alike.

Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about. This phrase comes shortly after becoming a reality in your life now as a mom. The tears...the wailing...doing everything you can and more to please your baby never seems enough. Yes. These words are regrettable and tough, but we all know it’s a typical heat-of-the-moment phrase.

Oh..I’ll tell you why. Because I said so. We get it mommies, it gets difficult finding the right words to make your little ones understand why things can’t always go their way. This golden phrase is just another way of saying mom is the boss.

It’s for your own good. We know that you always have the best intentions - even though your little one may not understand until they’re standing in your shoes.

Running away? I’ll help you pack. It’s a classic reverse-psychology tactic that takes your child a step back from a trip to attitude-land.

And lastly, the notorious, I told you so. It’s not always a bad thing giving yourself some affirmation that you were right. Once this classic phrase makes its way out of your mouth, you know you’ve made it as a mother.

What are some of your parenting phrases you thought you’d never say?