Second Trimester | The Must Haves for Your New Bump

Posted on January 20 2016

The second trimester: Your bump is showing, and you no longer look like you just ate too much for lunch. You are beginning to find yourself in that awkward phase where your pants are a little too tight, but your belly isn't yet big enough for full on maternity wear. Here are a few of our best selling favourites, to transition with your growing bump into maternity clothes, as well as our top items to accentuate that growing bump. The first trimester is about hiding your bump, the second is all about flaunting it!

Comfortable options to ease you into Maternity Clothes...

1.) A Pant Extender

The Bella Band is a seamless maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned pants and loose maternity wear, extending the life of your pre pregnancy wardrobe - or getting you into your maternity clothing that doesn't quite fit yet. Its also a great layer to extend the lengths of flowy or shorter length tops!

Bella Band

Shop Bella Band Here.

The belly belt is another extending system that fastens to your pants and jeans so you can wear your favourite non maternity pants during your pregnancy! The kit comes different sizes to grow with you until after baby arrives, and they are also a great way to ease back into your jeans post pregnancy. 

Shop Belly Belt Here.


2.) A Seamless, Stretch Bra 

Shop The Seamless Silk Bra

Chances are your breasts are sore and are changing in size. Investing in a comfortable maternity bra that you can grow with throughout your pregnancy, that can be used for nursing as well is crucial! Look for one with four way stretch, soft stretchy fabric and clips to lower the cups for nursing. We love a seamless bra for maximum comfort, it will quickly become one of your everyday staples. 

3.) Leggings

Comfortable pants are your best friend in your second and third trimester. From lounging at home to the gym to errands, leggings are a maternity go to item. Look for a pair that sits high over the belly, and that can also be worn folded under the belly, to get the most wear out of your leggings throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

Shop Maternity Leggings


Intro Maternity Pieces To Flaunt Your Growing Bump...

1.) Fitted Stretchy Dresses

A fitted stretchy dress is super soft, comfortable and adorable to accentuate your little bump. Plus they are easy to dress up or down, and layer under sweaters and blazers in the transitional months. Look for one with ruching on the sides for an even more flattering fit, and wear with tights and leggings if you are self conscious of your hips or thighs!

Shop The Ellis Maternity Tank Dress by Isabella Oliver

2.) Ruched Tops

A stretch maternity top with ruching along the sides helps to make your tee cling to your adorable bump in the most flattering way. Giving shape to your bump helps to eliminate the question of whether or not you are expecting, and the tighter fit keeps the shirt down over your torso and removes to need for a tighter layering cami underneath!

Shop the Striped Scoop Materniety Tee

3.) An Empire Waist

Wearing to flowy of tops in the early stages of pregnancy can often make you feel or look bigger, but without any defined shaped. Accentuate that bump with an empire waist under the bust, or look for a top that ties or belts underneath. 

Shop The Tie Front Maternity Shirt


The second trimester is the most fun time to dress up your bump. Its a time where you are (hopefully) slipping out of your fatigue and morning sickness symptoms and have the most energy to shop, run errands and play with your wardrobe! 



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