Stylish Maternity Winter Coats | AND Special Offer!

True Canadians know that to get through winter, you have to be prepared. Staying warm, learning to layer and having the right coat are key, but all those liners and shells can really break the bank - especially if the jacket you drop a pretty penny on is obsolete after only 9 months! Luckily, there are some coats on the market that have been designed to be versatile enough to be worn during pregnancy, as a new mum and even after your LO won't fit in the pouch anymore (literally). It seems that some designers don't understand that unless you're Kate Middleton you need to be able to get at least a couple seasons out of a winter jacket. So, don’t struggle in the cold trying to fit into oversize parkas and feeling like a tent, you can still flatter your figure during all stages with our selection of winter coats for the Canadian mama. 


Another amazing stylish maternity jacket | The Ammy by Noppies

The Ammy Jacket is made from a material mix designed with contrast sleeves and hood, for increased style and dimension. Switch up your look and go with a sleek all black finish by removing the detachable faux fur collar. Wear it with your favourite maternity denim and hoody on casual days, or complete your maternity working wardrobe and blouse!

Stay warm mamas!! xx 



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