6 Parents Who Took Their Child's Halloween Costume To the Next Level

Kids love it because of the candy, but we love it to dress up our littles in hilarious costumes they probably don't even understand. This week goes out to the creative parents making this holiday so awesome for all the adults! 

Here are our favourite creative costumes!


1) Van Gogh + Starry Night

Right down to the ear bandage. This is gold. 

Via inhabitots.com


2) Cabbage Patch Doll 

For your little baby doll! AND built around the stroller, genius. 

Via Pinterest


3) Toy Soldier

This dad went the extra mile for this one, no detail is overlooked (it even appears that he is not wearing any messy green paint to achieve it!) We predict a lot of extra help on those school science projects from this dad!

Via wildlinkpress


4) Frida Kahlo 

Refreshing and "not your average" little girl costume that is quite simple to put together. Nailed it.

Via Oh Happy Day


5) Dwight Schrute from The Office

Can't stop laughing. This costume is pure entertainment. 

Via Pete Stott


6) Baby Einstein 

Again, easy to acheive, but maximum payout. Love this little guys facial expression!

Via Imgur



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