7 Clever Baby Bump Halloween Costumes

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, we wanted to make sure you didn't waste anytime getting your costume ready!  Here are 7 ways to dress your bump! 

Winnie the Pooh
A mustard colour dress (or a top and leggings) with a red t-shirt, use a plant pot to make a honey pot, and buy or make your Pooh-bear ears on a headband. Turn it into a couple costume by adding in your own Christopher Robin! So cute!
(via chessmenandcoffee.com)


Bubble Gum Machine
This adorable costume is the perfect mix of fun and flattering. Buy the multi-coloured pom-poms from your local dollar store and glue them onto a white top. Add in a red skirt or pants and a cute red hat and you’re set!


Classic skeleton (with baby skeleton!)
Simple and cute – these pregnant skeleton tops can be found on Etsy. Get your baby daddy a matching skeleton shirt (with beer in the belly!) for a cute couple costume. Plus, black is the most flattering colour when you’re not feeling your most slender, so that’s a win!


Bun in the Oven
What’s cookin, good lookin? If you have the time to make something a bit more extravagant, this DIY bun in the oven costume is a huge hit.


No need for a fake baby bump this year – get into a striped tee and hoodie and team up with your Bleeker. Comfortable and clever!
(via https://www.instagram.com/brittanyviklund/)


Pregnant Prego
A pun has never been punnier with this pregnant prego tomato sauce costume. Team up with the pasta to your sauce to complete the look.


Bank Robber
Give me the loot! This baby bump bandit costume is one of the cutest we’ve seen.

Share your pregnancy Halloween costumes with us for a chance to be featured! (Instagram)



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