Modern Mama | Loving the "Bumpie"

Pregnant selfies have become so popular that they even have their own name — the “bumpie.”

To break it down...

Modern moms aren't hiding in oversized ill fitting maternity clothing anymore. They are stepping out as fashion-conscious pregnant woman AND there is a whole Instagram community of these women posting photos of lingerie-clad bumps, nearly nude selfies, dressed to the nine bellies and “outfit of the day” maternity looks to prove it! The hashtags #maternitystyle and #pregnancystyle on Instagram and Pinterest show endless images shared by women flaunting their chic bumpies, and launching third trimester confidence to new heights. We are fully on board with anything that supports women embracing their pregnant bodies and being proud to celebrate them, so this week is all about the Bumpie! 


Celeb "bumpie" love...








 & the style gurus, Mom-To-Be bloggers







Never has there been a more exciting time for maternity clothing, or freedom to show off your beloved baby bump! We can't wait to see more maternity style and bumpie pics on our newsfeeds! 



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  • Ella Smith

    Beautiful clothes for pregnant women. Loved the baby hats. Love the owner to shes my great neice.

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