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Third Trimester Pregnancy Hacks!

1) Kitchen Tongs

Laugh now. But a pair of kitchen tongs will save you when you drop something and don't want to bend over to pick it up. Spoiler alert, it even works for reaching things you can't reach when your bump is in the way. Treat yourself right and just get a pair separate from your kitchen ones. Ain't no shame in that kitchen tong game!



2) Get Touchy Back

If you don't like it when a random stranger comes up to you and touches your belly -- touch them back. Or tell them you aren't pregnant. Works every time ;)



3) Schedule All Your Appointments in advance

Don't get stuck with last pick doctors appointments. Get the best appointment times by booking them all the way up to your due date at once. 



4) Find New Ways to Stay Hydrated 

Keep a bottle of water on your night stand (morning can be the worst after a night of frequent bathroom trips!) and store lots of icy pops and frozen fruits like grapes to snack on, because sometimes it can be hard after nine months to get pumped to drink straight water. 




 5) Get Yourself a Maternity Pillow

Stop tossing and turning at night and get seriously comfy with a full body maternity pillow. During third trimester, you cant put a price on comfort, or a perfect night's rest. 



 6) Maternity Leggings 

When you stop attempting complicated shower acro moves to try to shave your legs, maternity leggings are there for you. Plus they are insanely comfy for lounging at home, running errands and even look cute under a dressy tunic. 



You got this mama! xx 

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