Chic Five Minute Hairstyles | For Mama-To-Be or Busy Mom of 1, 2, or 3!

Hey mama, having one of those days where you feel like you have no time for yourself? Re: no sleep, no time to shower or even pee alone?

Relax. Sometimes all it takes it mixing in something a little different into your usual make up or hairstyles, to make you feel radiant. (You know, the times you check yourself out in random car or shop windows as you strut by...that kind of radiant.)

We don't want you stressing about what you should do with your hair, because who has time for that? 

If you are running late, tired of rocking that same old 'top knot' or just don't feel like spending too much time on your hair - these are some simple yet chic looks that will have you feeling fabulous in minutes! (Breathe, none of them include complicated fishtail braids, or crazy arm strength to pull off.) 

Five minutes to Fabulous:  

1) Twisted Headband

Via: | Click for Tutorial 

Or without the headband:

Via: | Click for Tutorial 


2) Four Section Up Do 

Via: | Click for Tutorial 


3) Knotted Ponytail 

Via: | Click for Tutorial 


4) Easy Twisty Bun 



5) Half Up Knot 

Via: Treasuresandtravelsblog | Click for Tutorial 


6) Easy Messy Up Do 

Via: Pinterest


6) Bobby Pin Triangle 


Via: | Click for Tutorial 


7) The Knot Your Average Pony 


Via: | Click for Tutorial 


8) The Super Long Ponytail 


Via: | Click for Tutorial 


And Voila! Amazing hair day even in a time crunch. The best part about them? Most of these messy hair looks are best on second or third day hair...and if ever you are in doubt: dry shampoo! 

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