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Top 10 Pictures to Take in the Delivery Room

 Home birth, hospital birth, biological baby or adopted baby - here are our top ten incredible moments to capture on your baby's first day... 

1) Waiting for baby 

Found on brittanygphotography.com

Found on tessarayanne.blogspot.ca


2) First time in your arms 

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3) Love & support from dad

Found on bohemiantransplant.blogspot.com

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Found on aboveandbeyondphotography.net


4) First cuddles 

Found on thedaybookblog.com

Found on thedaybookblog.com


5) The little! 

Photo via Pinterest 

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6) Their little feet with hospital bracelets 


noah by rachel ludwig on Flickr

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7) In dads arms 

Found on nevermissamoment.net

Found on scwphotography.blogspot.com


8) Excited Grandparents & visitors 

Found on dfwbirthphotographer.com

Found on cincinnatibirthphotography.com


9) First family photo

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And don't forget your leaving the hospital photo! 

Found on prebabyblog.com

Birth photography is on the rise. But if you aren't comfortable with having a professional photographer in the delivery room, have a loved one on camera duty! It's worth it to freeze frame the memories from the day you and your loved one officially become parents. <3 

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Jan 21, 2017

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