Make Ahead | Freezer Meals & Snacks for When Baby Arrives!

We've talked to a lot of mothers, who have admitted that even for babies numbers two and three, they wished they had taken the time to stock up the freezer for the first few hazy weeks with a newborn. We know that the later months of your pregnancy can get busy with planning, cleaning and organizing things but it's important not to overlook the importance of prepping some healthy meals you can pull out of the freezer when you need it. If it seems like a daunting task, plan one day you can invite some friends or family over to help and use these recipes recommended by other moms who've been there. 

Some tips for planning: 

1) Consider making a bunch of filling snacks (think muffin tin size) you can thaw quickly in the microwave for the first month. Hunger can strike quickly while nursing, and its nice to not have to rummage around at a 3am feeding time to satisfy that growling stomach. 

2) Don't stick to all encompassing meals. Consider things you can add to a salad or serve with some fresh sides, especially if you are expecting during warmer months (seasoned meats you can make into salad, tacos or sloppy joes)! The fresh crunch of some fresh veggies and side salads are satisfying textures you can't get from a purely oven baked meal. 

3) Don't forget about breakfast and lunch. Often times if you are lucky enough to have people offerring to bring you a meal - it's dinner. So if you are left alone with baby during the day, it can be harder to get a healthy breakfast and lunch in. Fill your freezer with mini quiches, nutrient dense muffins, peanut butter balls, breakfast burritos, calzones, wraps and individual portions of chili etc. for the days you don't want to run to the store. 

4) Consider making things you can eat with one hand. Meals like soups and curries are great! However they can be hard to eat if you are holding the little. Make sure you have some things you can eat with one hand, like meatballs, chicken strips or large vegetables like chunks of sweet potato, you'll be grateful you did. 


Some yummy recipes to get you started:

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Grab n Go Breakfast Bagels | Get the recipe

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Roasted sweet potato wraps with Pesto | Get the recipe

Freeze and Eat Chicken & Avocado Wraps | Get the recipe

Zucchini Corn Cakes | Get the recipe

Turkey Chili | Get the recipe 


"Mad Hungry" Tv Dinners | Get the recipe

Individual Chicken Pot Pies | Get the recipe


Make ahead Meatballs | Get the recipe


Some other great information for making your meals ahead:

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If you are really busy and worry about the time and effort that goes into planning and prepping meals ahead of time chip away at it and do a little at a time. You will be extremely grateful for any meals you have ready to pull out - we promise! 








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