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Pros of Summer Pregnancy!

If your due date that has you sporting your biggest baby bump during the hottest months of the year, there's no need to panic. There are some pretty awesome reasons to celebrate your summer pregnancy, so sit by a fan and count these blessings ;) 


1) Long Walks Outside 

Walking is one of the very best forms of exercise during pregnancy because it can be done by women of all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy, and it qualifies as weight-bearing cardio,” says Jennifer Johnson, perinatal exercise specialist and founder of fitforexpecting.com. So take advantage of the cooler early morning or evening weather and go for a nice walk outdoors with a friend or loved one! Exercise is an excellent way to boost your energy levels, improve your mood and feeling of well-being and get a better nights rest! 


2) Swimming Pools! 

Swimming provides relief from pregnancy weight gain, swelling, pressure, loosening of the joints and the intense summer heat! On top of feeling fresh and cooled off, exercising in the water is a great way to feel weightless and get some cardio without putting to much pressure on your legs and back. Click here for aqua exercises for pregnant women.


3) Fresh Ripe Fruits + Veggies 

In the summer, all the fresh fruit that you're craving are ripe and readily available. Many women crave fruit during their pregnancies, so it's the PERFECT season to dive into those ripe melons, berries, peaches and cherries that are packed with lots of important vitamins and nutrients. Plus, in the heat its easier to stick to a healthier diet of plenty of raw veggies, salads, and lean grilled meats. It's the cold weather that leads to heavier indulgent cravings and "comfort food." But while we're on the topic of comfort food - in the summer fro yo and ice cream is that much more satisfying ;) 


4) Summer Fashion

Maternity summer fashion is full of bright colours and patterns to boost your mood while looking adorbs. From summer tanks, flowy tops, dresses, skirts and shorts there are so many cute outfits you can put together - and theres no fussing around with putting on tons of layers for outdoors and stripping them all down indoors. Do we even need to mention - you don't even need to wear pants!? 


5) Maternity Photo Locations 

Maternity photos are so lovely in the later stages of your pregnancy and turn out best when your bump is really showing. So summer and even early fall is when you can scope out an amazing outdoor location full of sprawling landscapes, lush vegetation with gorgeous sunsets creating a dreamy maternity photo shoot session. Also, the sun sets much later so you have more time in the day to change locations and you have more outfit freedom! 

Don't sweat it! Enjoy your summer pregnancy ;) 


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