4 Reason to Love KyteBABY Sacks and Sleepers

Being a new parent is never easy. There are countless meticulous details that an expectant mother has to pay attention to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. If there is one thing all parents can agree on, it is that they are constantly searching for ways and solutions to make sure their babies are comfortable, safe, and protected.

The KyteBABY Collection products are made exclusively with bamboo which not only benefits your baby, but also the environment. Who doesn’t love a product that is super soft and helps sustain the earth’s resources all in one? That’s one reason why the KyteBABY Collection is one of Ella Bella’s favourites. Here are a few more that should make the collection your favourite as well:


KyteBABY sacks and sleepers are made from silky smooth bamboo rayon creating a soft, stretchy material for your baby. Each product is designed with a baby's comfort in mind, everything from the material to the shape of the sleepers’ sleeves. Whether it is for your own baby at home or you’re thinking of a present for an expectant mother, you can sleep well at night knowing that a baby in a KyteBABY sack is sleeping comfortably too.


Parents have the ability to choose from a range of different designs suited towards their babies. Both the baby sacks and sleepers come decorated with different patterns on them. Watch your baby crawl around the living room in playful, colorful designs of different animals; snuggle them as they fall asleep by wrapping them up in the safari, the ocean, or even a garden.


The KyteBABY Collection was made with safety in mind. Parents can be assured that the product that they are spending their money on is one that was created with care and careful thought. KyteBABY sacks come designed with zippers on both ends that make access to your baby easy and quick. The light material of the baby sacks is breathable and safer than the typical crib blanket.



The products are easy to use and effective. Nothing is going to make a parent’s life easier than knowing that they don’t need to spend countless hours reading an instruction package for something they bought. Rest assured, the baby sacks and sleepers are made with simplicity in mind.