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6 Stylish Diaper Bags to Curb your Handbag Craving

Today moms don't have to swap their style to have a fully functional diaper bag. Nowadays their are plenty of options for moms that double up on practicality and style, so if you crave a stylish bag to be your diaper bag, make sure to check out these beauties:

Ella Bella Picks for the ultimate stylish diaper bags | spring 2015! 


The Rachel Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie in Taupe  


Raylan Vintage Handbag by Matt + Nat in Ash 

The Abby 7 Piece Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie in Black 


Boxy Backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom in Earl Grey 


Hannah Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie in Black


Legacy B.F.F Diaper Bag by JuJuBe in Duchess 


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