2018: Time to get active!

Ladies!  Its 2018 and its time to get active!  It might be a little Cliche, but I really like the 2018 resolution thing.  Its always such a fresh start, and nothing makes me happier then getting back into the grind! 

Here are some of our top active wear picks!  Not to mention we have so many more fabulous things in store.  And we're all about muti-purpose too, so these items are all great for maternity, nursing, and BEYOND! 

Let us know if you have tried any of these, which is your favourite, and what activity you have dived into for 2018! 



Room to Flow Nursing Cami by Belabumbum! $69.00

A soft fabric with some great stretch!  This is exactly what we mean when we say we love versatile pieces.  You would never know this was maternity or nursing, but it works so well with both.  Talk about long time wear! Like the matching pants ($68)?  We have them too!  

So nameste-away in comfort! 






Fit 2 Feed Nursing Bra from Caden Shae
OK:  If you follow us at all, you know we are totally obsessed with Caden Shae.  I literally cannot get enough of this brand!  This bra, the Fit2Feed ($69.99) is 1 of 2 amazing active wear bra's with great support.  This bra in particular, sizes XS-XL.  But if you are a more chesty mama, or someone with a small rib cage and big bust, you have to try the Ultimate Bra ($79.99)!  This is great support, comfort, and you can still look cute! 




Pair that bra with some Caden Shae active leggings $99.99 (also available in a crop too).  These pants are designed with a fold top, so you can wear it over the belly, or under the belly if you are someone who experiences discomfort with anything on the belly.  Once you're finished with your pregnancy, wear 'em folded down and go!  These are seriously a go-to for me!  



Finally:  If you want to follow suit and deck yourself out completely with the brand, I have no choice but throw in the Active Wear Hoodie ($115.99)!  A MUST!  I have every colour, seriously.  This hoodie is long, its soft, arm length is nice and long too and it even has those thumb holes (I'm not sure the purpose of those, but I feel more fit when I have them).  
Available in all sizes and in 3 different colours.  Try it.  I promise you'll LOVE it! 



OK:  So say you're a runner, or someone who does mega hard ploy-training or HIIT.  You need support for those girls, right?  Right!  Well Boob Design killed it with their Fast Food Sports Bra ($99.00).  We are talking little to no stretch, and serious support.  Defiantly good for you hard-core gym mom's out there!  





My final recommendation is a new Canadian company (yay!), Matletik!  Born in Montreal, the courage long active legging is the ultimate for comfort and fit.  The owner made the pants with perfect placement of the waist band.  Yes, this one does fully cover your belly, but the back is lower cut!  They were recently featured by Jessi Cruickshank on Today's Parent.  If you missed it, check it out here

I would also invite you ladies to check out some of the other awesome active wear item we carry!  I would recommend any of them and personally have them all.  I only carry what I would wear, so I like to put these to the test! 

Have a fabulous 2018 <3




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