Waiting to Find Out?! | 10 Chic UNISEX Nursery Ideas

 If you are patiently waiting to find out the sex of your little one, here are some chic gender neutral baby nursery ideas to get you inspired!

But first here is a quick checklist of things to consider before getting started:

 1) Decide on a theme. Popular themes for gender neutral nursery's include: nautical, alphabet, animals, books and nature. 

 2) Choose your colours. Anchor the room with one solid colour, and work in an accent colour or two to make it pop. Popular base colours for 2015 are: Mint, Navy & White with a mix of either bold citron and orange or softer yellow and teal pastels. 

 3) Finishing Touches. Decide on which style of finishes you want to include: vintage or modern dresser and crib, type of sitting chair, decorative pillows, wicker baskets or drawers. Whichever you decide, look for things that are stylish as well as functional. 

4) Artwork and wall hangs. Make the room special with added details like: spelling out their name, frame a print with a sentimental quote, paint a feature wall with stripes or polka dots, whatever you decide just make sure it's unique and special to you!


1) Boho Babe 


Via: savvyhomeblog.com

2) Cool Green   

Via: kidsomania.com

3) Bright White 

Via: charlestonmag.com

5) Modern Muse 

Via: decoratingfiles.com

9) Cheerful + Bright 

Via: coolmompicks.com

6) Variety of Polka Dots 

Via: thebooandtheboy.com

7) Bold Accents 

Via: howjoyful.com

8) Navy + Citron 

Via: involvingcolor.com

9) Grey & Pastel  

Via: projectnursery.com

10) Woodland Wall 

Via: joyeverafter.squarespace.com