Cute + Simple | Easter Breakfast Ideas for the Kids

Easter is right around the corner so here are some cute and easy breakfast ideas that are great to help create a memorable easter morning with the fam!

1) Bunny Pancakes 

Via Taste of Home

2) Hard Boiled Egg Chicks 

Via: Find out how to make them here!

3) Fruit Hunt 


4) Fruit Juice or Yogurt Egg Popsicles

Via: kailochic Find out how to make them here! 

5) Pineapple Whips 

Via High heels and grills Learn how to make it here! 

6) Graham Bunny Parfait 


7) Cinnabunnies 

Via Plain Chicken Find out how to make them here!

8) Fairy Bread PB&J 


Quick Translation: Cookie cutter on top bread slice, sprinkles on the peanut butter/jelly underneath!

9) Fruity Easter Milk


Via Babble Find out how to make it here! 





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