Unique & Memorable Baby Photo Ideas

It is SO important to capture the magical moments with your little one! So whether you are planning to take pictures yourself, or have booked a baby photography session: here are some unique ideas we found that are sure to make a memorable impression for your collection. GET INSPIRED!


1) Old & New 

Via: justimagine


2) Before & After 


Via: justimagine 


3) Snuggling with Stuffy 

Via: Jessica Perez Photography

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4) Sleeping Scene

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Via: today.com


5) Siblings being Sweet

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Via: Zoe D. Photograhy 


6) Siblings being Candid 

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7) Name.Date.Time 

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Via: kwellsphotography


8) Flower Wreath 

Via: Callie Lindesy Photography 

Via: Angelina lopez photography