Unique & Memorable Baby Photo Ideas

Posted on March 25 2015

It is SO important to capture the magical moments with your little one! So whether you are planning to take pictures yourself, or have booked a baby photography session: here are some unique ideas we found that are sure to make a memorable impression for your collection. GET INSPIRED!


1) Old & New 

Via: justimagine


2) Before & After 


Via: justimagine 


3) Snuggling with Stuffy 

Via: Jessica Perez Photography

Via: ohyeahbaby


4) Sleeping Scene

Via: matome.naver

Via: today.com


5) Siblings being Sweet

Via: Pinterest

Via: Zoe D. Photograhy 


6) Siblings being Candid 

Via: Lindenphotography

Via: agirlsrighttodream


7) Name.Date.Time 

Via: babygizmo.com

Via: kwellsphotography


8) Flower Wreath 

Via: Callie Lindesy Photography 

Via: Angelina lopez photography



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