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8 Hot Dad Moments We Can't Get Enough Of

A man holding a baby gently in his arms is straight up mommy porn! So to brighten your week we decided to put together a heart wrenchingly cute album of dad moments that will straight up warm your emotional, pregnant little heart <3 If you are lucky enough to see these moments go down live with your little one… we want to see! Don't hoard them to yourself, comment on our Facebook with your adorable daddy pics. PLEASE?

1) Just a little kiss on the cheek. NBD

Via:  greenlikebathwater.tumblr.com

2) Newborn snuggles...Does it get better than this?

Via: Babble.com

3) Quite possibly the cutest thing ever caught on camera

Via: langphotographers

4) No words

Via: inbetweendreams.tumblr.com

5) Cosy with babe 

Via: likethemountvins

6) Stop it already  

Via: pordoluar

7) Breakfast cuddles & pyjamas… Can't even

Via: Bloglovin

8) Little nugget

Via: hercampus.com

You're Welcome ;) 

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Nov 29, 2015

sweet baby girl is already nine motnhs!!! a0 i can’t believe it’s been almost a year that i’ve been photographing this little cutie..i need time to slow down for just a bit!!! Posted in baby


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