New Maternity & Nursing Lingerie Collection | Cache Coeur

We are thrilled to announce that we have new arrivals from the beautiful French collection Cache Coeur (French for “ hide the heart”). A brand that specializes in creating beautiful lingerie for new and future mothers!


The Designers

Cache Coeur was born in 2008, when a husband and wife team decided to revolutionize maternity and nursing lingerie to be more feminine - with sweetness, elegance and a more modern approach. Audrey, the designer began her career working as a former corset maker for the top French lingerie brands, and now works to refine the maternity and nursing lingerie scene using traditional techniques with soft and comfortable collections.


The Product

Cache Coeur maternity and breastfeeding lingerie is both refined and technical, focusing on:


  • Comfort: using soft materials and wide microfiber elastic
  • Adaptability: using stretch cups and 4 positions on the back clasps
  • Support: using ½ moon lining, with a reinforced back in larger sizes
  • Quality: maintaining high standards for finishings and quality control
  • Easy Use: exclusive magnetic clips for easy access
  • Easy Care: machine washable on delicate cycle


The “Magic” Collection

This maternity and nursing bra is designed with an innovative material called ‘Spacer’. It is incredible when used for maternity and nursing lingerie because of its extreme softness and its ability to curve to the body. Overall the look is soft and feminine, with an under wired balconette, microfiber drape on the cups and an eloquent pearl bow on the bridge. The magnetic nursing clips, can easily be opened using only one hand, for easy breastfeeding access.

Available in sizes: 32-E,F; 34-B,C,D,E,F; 36-B,C,D,E,F; 38-C,D,E,F; 40-E

Above:  Cache Coeur 'Magic' Maternity & Nursing Bra in Petal 

Above: Cache Coeur 'Magic' Maternity & Nursing Bra in Cloud


“Because in every mom lies an attractive woman.”

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  • Terrell

    Girl I can TOTALLY relate! Being at home these last few mnhtos has driven be crazy! It wasn’t so bad in VA since both hubby and I had a car. I was able to be out and about with Jacob and enjoy out time together. But the last 2 mnhtos have been torchure since his car broke down and now I am home with both kids all day! It is NOT easy keeping up with house chores, cooking, AND running after a toddler (not to mention breastfeeding a newborn!) I was not made for this! As much as I love my kids, I cannot wait to go back to work! Tell B he needs to hop on that bus!

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