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Why the Peppa Tino Doll is our Must-Have Baby Toy!

There is a cute and cuddly doll that is capturing new mums and baby’s hearts - The Peppa bunny doll! This doll isn’t only adorable; it’s also designed to help ease the transition of mom returning to work, a preemie in an incubator, to a crib or for settling down to sleep. The head is filled with 100% pure sheep’s wool, which is known to absorb and hold onto scents easily, so after spending two or three nights with the doll, it will absorb all the scents that are familiar for baby.



Why Babies love the Tino Doll…..


On top of the fact that they absorb the scent of your home to comfort them, the Tino doll is made with ultra soft and lightweight fabric, to make it easy for baby to hold and to cuddle. Their knotted hands and feet make it easy for baby to hold onto at any age. This doll easily becomes baby’s first best friend!


Why Parents love the Tino Doll…


Peppa dolla are made from soft 100% organic stretch terry cotton, colored using AXO-FREE fabric dye. The wool in the head is naturally anti-bacterial, so they are non toxic and safe to chew, with no fluff to inhale. They do not contain any parts that can come loose, making them entirely safe to handle!


The Peppa Tino bonding doll is great for any age and makes a perfect shower gift!

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