Beat the Heat: 6 maternity staples for your summer pregnancy

If just thinking about going outdoors in the summer heat and humidity while pregnant this summer makes you feel wilted, follow this guide to feel cool and light - when being naked isn't an option. All it takes is a little preparation and some simple wardrobe tweaks, so you can enjoy your summer pregnancy!

Follow these steps for your summer pregnancy wardrobe...

Go with the Flow | Choose tunic style tops in a lightweight fabric and colour (think cotton or linen), that flow freely from the body so you can circulate air and stay cool as a cucumber on those humid days. Tunics are super versatile and pair well with shorts or leggings depending on the weather. 

Slip on Sandals | When your bump starts to resemble a beach ball, bending down to put on shoes or tying laces is not an option. Keep your feet cool and save your back by making sure you have some comfy slip-ons to live in all summer. 

Maximize Comfort | A maxi dress is definitely a maternity summer staple. It's an easy all-in-one outfit that you can dress up or down -- from sun hat to fancy necklace. Look for dresses that are more fitted around the bust to give you some shape, but flow outwards from the bust to keep it breezy!

Size up your undies | Trust on this one. You can probably get away with wearing your usual undies, but chances are they waist band is stretching to accommodate your growing belly. Relieve the pressure and size up, it is sooo much more comfortable, plus you won't be left out with stretched out garments when you return to your pre baby size! 

Enter the world of drawstring | In the later stages of your pregnancy, drawstring is your BFF. Wear shorts or looser lounge pants just under belly and loosen the drawstrings as needed. They are also awesome to wear home from the hospital. 

Long tank tops for the win | On the especially hot days, a simple long maternity tank top is the easiest and more comfortable choice. Again, look for lightweight fabrics like cotton in light colours to keep you cool, or get ahead of the game and buy ones that adapt for nursing. Shop for long fits so it can be sure to cover your belly as it grows week by week. 




Now that your outfits are on point, relish in all the amazing reasons why it rules to have a summer pregnancy!









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