10 Things for your pre-baby bucket list!

Spend a day to yourself, completely alone. Get some serious "Me time" in its purest form. 

Wear all your favourite and expensive jewelry. Babies and your heirloom jewelry collection don't mix. So before you stash it away for a while, feel like a million bucks & amp up all your maternity outfits!

Sleep in late. Seriously, do this as much as possible! Have breakfast in bed, stay in your PJs and read magazines. Just enjoy having a quiet lazy morning and enjoy not being poked or kicked in the throat or head. 

Go out to eat over ordering in. Soon you will have to find a babysitter in order to get out for a nice dinner. Go out! Enjoy some candle lit romance. The ordering in is always an option after baby is home. 

Take a spontaneous weekend trip. Play it by ear. Spontaneity quickly becomes a thing of the past once the little one arrives. Spend some quality time with your partner and get away without planning every moment!

Spend as long as you want on your hair and makeup. Do it because you can. You can do the chic minimal thing when you actually have to. 

Enjoy a spa day. Getting some r&r is 10x better when you're pregnant. Take time for you, and enjoy the silence... On a budget? Have a bubble bath, and make sure to stay in for way too long. 

Plan a girls' night. There's nothing time with your best lady friends, and the more of you who start having kids, the more difficult it'll be to plan.

Read a book. But not just any book, one that doesn't include the words, "potty", "discipline" or "sleep. Read something that is purely for the sake of enjoyment. 

Get R rated. Have sex anywhere in the house. Play loud music with 'Explicit' lyrics, and watch a movie full of bad language - without hitting the mute button once. 

Do this list. And repeat :) Baby will be here before you know it!


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