Covered in Style: Why Covered Goods is a must-have

Nursing your baby can come with a variety of different challenges that moms have to face. What is the best way to accommodate your baby when having to feed them in public? Having to nurse in public can bring about a variety of different emotions, and for some moms that emotion is fear. Fear of being exposed and not having enough coverage while breastfeeding can be a constant thought for some. It was a constant thought for Jamie Yetter, the designer, and owner of the brand Covered Goods.

Jamie would often find herself hunting for places so that she could breastfeed in privacy. Attempting to find other options to ensure that she would feel a sense of privacy didn’t seem to work either. Jamie felt like she related to other mothers with these feelings and problems. With no options available to her that Jamie felt like could work, she created Covered Goods in 2012. The brand offers nursing covers in a selection of different prints, colors, and patterns. These products offer all over coverage, meaning it masks the front and back of mom while she is feeding her baby.

The fabric is extremely comfortable, breathable, and does not come with any straps or complicated chords. They are easy to slip into and are made to make sure your baby cannot pull it off. There is even a flexible neck that allows you to check up on your baby, as you are breastfeeding without having to pull the whole cover off.


The benefits of a Covered Goods product do not stop there. The cover can actually be converted into a scarf, car seat cover, and shopping cart cover. These multi-use nursing covers have become one of our favorites and we know that you will love them too! There will be no more fear nagging at the back of your mind when your baby gets hungry out in public. You can rest easy with Covered Goods' nursing cover and know that your privacy is in good hands! Or should we say--in good cover. 

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