Post Pregnancy Style Tips

Typically there is a lot of buzz about fashionable and stylish maternity clothing, with tons of information, tips, lookbooks and blogger outfit ideas all over instagram and pinterest. (Which is amazing for our expecting mamas-to-be!)

But what about after birth? Many women aren't sure how their body will bounce back after delivery, so its difficult to shop in advance and they have less time to themselves for their morning beauty routine. Toss in some hormones, and the fact that nursing requires functional tops, and we can have a new mother stressing about what to wear... which then turns into frustration and not feeling good about herself. 

A lot of moms are self conscious during this time, and dressing in sweatpants can often just make them feel worse. So to combat these post baby wardrobe challenges, we've put together a little style guide to help you feel your best while you transition from your third trimester, into the fourth trimester: your post baby body. 


1) Edit your maternity wear

Chances are you can still wear many items from your maternity wardrobe, which is a huge plus. But it's important to remove the items that will leave you feeling frumpy. Keep those maternity tops and dresses with empire waistlines, the high waisted leggings and bellybands and then put aside, tailor or donate any skirts and pants with large stretch panels. They just end up looking bulky under clothes without the baby bump. (If you're reading this before you deliver, try shopping for maternity items with duel function - there are quite a few options that work for maternity AND nursing that you can get some serious wear out of. We love the brands: Boob, 

2) Shape wear is everything 

For special occasions or heading out, shape wear can help to give you an extra boost of confidence by smoothing out any areas you are still holding some extra baby weight. Just make sure that the compression isn't to tight or it can be uncomfortable or unhealthy. 

3) Flowy is flattering 

Flowy tops and tunics that drape your body and flow away from your belly are much more flattering (and comfortable) than stretchy tops that cling all the way down. Just be sure to avoid large patterns because they can often make you look bigger. Look for A-line tops and dresses that flare from under the bust or looser tees and tunics that you can belt and focus on bringing the attention to your legs, face or chest. We recommend balancing a flowy top with tights, leggings or skinny ankle jeans to elongate your frame. It makes you feel taller and thinner!

4) Accessorize

Let your accessories shine. Amp up your outfits with a statement necklace, or wear dangly earrings to bring more attention towards your face. Or add a pop of colour or texture to your outfit with a fashionable scarf. Also, a little lipstick is another easy way to brighten up your face - and mood. 

5) Organize your closet 

Getting ready time is now precious. If you don't have time to plan ahead, try to keep your closet organized so you can see all your options. It will help to keep you out of the rut of just wearing the same things over and over again. 


Need some inspiration? Here are some looks we love to get you started... 


Found on


Found on

Found on

Found on


AND our most loved, Post-Baby pieces!


Cumulus Blouse

Jersey Maternity / Nursing Button Up

Textured High Low Slub Tee

Tie Front Maternity / Nursing Blouse

Mother Tucker Compression Tank

A Line Tunic Top

Pre and Post Maternity Legging


Pietro Brunelli Maternity / Nursing Maxi Dress

We aren't suggesting getting rid of those sweat pants for good - it is important to be comfy and cozy while you bond with your little one. Just never undervalue how amazing it feels to wake up, put on some make up and slip into an outfit you feel great in. It does wonders for your mood and confidence. Work it mamas! 


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