5 Feel Good Bras for nursing moms

If you are pregnant or a nursing mom, your breasts are sore and your cup size and shape is changing regularly, which can make it difficult to find the right bra that is comfortable as well as adaptable to your body – but it doesn’t have to. Wearing a nursing bra is significantly better than just buying a regular bra in a larger size because they were designed to maximize comfort and accessibility and many brands today do not compromise style or femininity.


What makes nursing bras different?


Nursing bras have more adjustable hook and eyes at the back to give you more options for tightening or loosening the band (some brands even offer a bra extender) and there are more size adjusting clasps along the straps for more support. It is important that the fabric dries quickly to keep the nipples dry, so cotton or high-end synthetic fabrics with quick dry capabilities are best for nursing moms. Bras with extra stretch are great because it allows the bra to stretch and accommodate your changing bust size, yet still return back to its original shape. There are many options in regard to the accessibility of the bra for feeding but the three most popular are: clips at the top fold downward, snaps at the center of the bra fold away towards your arm, or no clips are used at all but a stretchy fabric allows for you to pull the entire cup out of the way, or a small peek a boo pocket can be separated to bring the breast forward. These features are perfect for quick and easy access that you can manipulate with only one hand, leaving your other free to hold your baby. There are many little extra finishes that make a nursing bra unique, so look for details that are important to you -like pockets to hold breast pads in place, seamless design or feminine elements like lace overlay or a fun pattern!


Here are some of our feel good nursing bras: 


For Comfort:


Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra $50



The Seamless Lounge Nursing Bra $35


The Essential Embrace Nursing Bra $50


For Support & Feminine Details: 

The Toffee Convertible Maternity Contour Nursing Bra $75

 The Elle Macpherson Intimates Momamia Wirefree Nursing Bra $70


Visit our retail location in Calgary or ellabella.ca to view our full assortment! 

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