Serephine was born in 2010,  when Erin Brooks needed the perfect finishing touch for her wedding.  She had searched high and low for a headpiece that was elegant, simple and that had a superior level of craftsmanship. What she couldn't find, she created herself. From that, a line of artisan bridal accessories was born.  Four years later, the Serephine brand is known for excellent design and emphasis on detail. Lisa TenEyck joined the Serephine team in 2014, in order to expand availability while continuing the workmanship and artistry of the brand.

Every one of the beautiful pieces is meticulously handcrafted, layer by layer, petal by petal, out of loose materials, in a free-form style.  The best fabrics, notions, and feathers are used and the pieces often reclaim and incorporate vintage jewelry.  Silk is hand-dyed and painted.  Flower petals are hand formed using both traditional millinery irons and proprietary techniques. These special details are why each piece is truly unique and completely gorgeous, just like the brides who wear them.