Molly Ades

In 2009 I gave birth to our first son, and 19 months later, our second. Of all the challenges I face as a new mom, the one I didn’t expect was figuring out what to wear in the months after the baby was born – not only did I not fit into most of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, I also had to figure out ways to make everything “nursing friendly”. And while I wanted to be able to nurse my baby easily in public, after 9 months in maternity clothes, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice style in order to do it. As I pieced together my new breastfeeding wardrobe, I realized there wasn’t much out there for the mom who wants to remain fashionable yet comfortable in the months following baby’s birth. Most new mom attire felt sad and frumpy, not to mention screamed out – I’m a nursing top!

In the two years I was pregnant, nursing, and then pregnant again, I still felt there was a lack of stylish nursing and post-pregnancy wear. In order to give new moms a sense of themselves back – as well as a sense of freedom – I created a complete line of maternity and post-maternity clothing. The Molly Ades Maternity collection is not only stylish, it has the added benefit of amazing functionality when it comes to being a new mom – pockets, portability, ease of nursing, and the ability to fit and flatter a changing body.

Our clothes have been tested on new moms, pregnant moms, and even non-moms.  The response has been incredible – comfy clothes that are easy to wear because they go with everything, can transition from day to night, are great for around the house or for going out.  Because the fabrics are so soft and stretchy, and the designs so versatile, these pieces can be worn while pregnant, nursing, and all the months to follow.