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Merino wool is the material shorn from Merino sheep.  Fabric made from Merino wool is used in the production of high-end  clothing. Contrary to popular belief, the wool is neither itchy nor overly hot. It provides some warmth, though one of its renowned elements is its wicking abilities — it draws sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture, though the clothing still feels dry to the touch.
Due to its uniquely thin fibers, this type of wool does not retain odors — bacteria cannot find a solid surface to grow on, thus making it anti-microbial, as well. It also is hypoallergenic, as is most wool. Merino wool fabric will shrink when washed or dried, but not much more than would a similar cotton garment. It can easily be stretched back to its original shape.
Merino wool can also be blended with  other fibers.  When combined with the latter fabrics, the ultrafine wool makes for a smooth and soft garment.

Merino wool is all you would want from a fabric that is on the cutting edge. There are so many choices when it comes to fabric for clothing, but the tried and true best is merino wool. It breathes when you need it to and it allows the wearer to move smoothly and comfortably. It can also add natural beauty and comfort to your home in a number of ways.