Mama Mio

Mio means ‘for me’, and we probably don’t need to explain the ‘mama’ bit to you. Our Mama Mio range was originally created through true selfish need – when we had our children there simply wasn’t anything out there to help us with the huge challenge of pregnancy. So, as true entrepreneurs in the beauty world, we created the first premium pregnancy skincare range. Our goal was simple – create an entire range of clean, safe skincare that would elasticise, calm, nourish and protect your skin whilst ensuring every product felt and smelled amazing so your skincare ritual became a wonderfully memorable time, skincare that really celebrated you and helped you feel confident and happy in your rapidly-changing skin.

When your babe is in your arms and you are ready to focus on yourself a little more, we have the next range of skincare that answers your needs. Mio is our skin fitness range – firmers, toners, mega-moisturisers, muscle motivators and soothers – everything you need to regain your former glory in your quest for strong, smooth, gorgeously fit skin from top to toe. Every Mio product is a bespoke personal fitness trainer for your skin – so jump on board when you are ready for the next stage!