Stay hydrated! These summer popsicle recipes are healthy & delicious

We are constantly reminded to stay hydrated—pregnant or not. Hydration is key for achieving that natural glow, preventing stretch marks and most importantly, your health. We decided to take our own spin on unique ways to stay hydrated this summer and by doing so, we’ve come up with five healthy popsicle recipes for our soon-to-be mamas!


For each popsicle, we suggest combing the ingredients and forming a puree using a blender and then freezing for about 3-4 hours (or until solid). Make sure to taste the mixture before you freeze your ingredients and add honey, maple syrup or any other natural sweetener if you need an extra bit of sweetness. When filling each popsicle mold, make sure to leave a bit of room (liquid will expand when frozen) and to make sure that your popsicle sticks don’t fall over, freeze your popsicles for 20-30 minutes before inserting the sticks.



1. Add cold water to your Tea-for-Two Pregnancy Tea or Nursing Time Tea and let steep overnight in a bowl.

2. Strain tea and discard any solid fragment before stirring in the lemon juice and honey. Taste and adjust with a bit more of either/both ingredients to suit your taste, bearing in mind that it will taste less sweet when it is frozen.

3. Follow the same instructions for all other recipes above.


Have we helped soothe some of your sweet tooth cravings? Let us know how your popsicle making goes and make sure to fill us in on any new recipes that you create.


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