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M Coat: Extend Winter in the Right Way

M Coat: Extend Winter in the Right Way

Enter the M Coat— a multipurpose maternity coat made exclusively for you and your baby.

Yes, we said you and your baby.

No, this isn’t some oversized, unflattering mess of fabric that you’re going to throw away after you’ve shed all of your baby weight, this is a coat for the long haul, one that customizes itself to fit your body, either with your baby our without it, at any given moment.

Let us explain.

The M Coat is a unique, convertible 3-in-1 coat for moms who do not want to sacrifice fashion for comfort. This coat can be used in three different ways across various stages. Created in 2008, the M Coat is a Canadian-made fashion piece driven forward by a mom who didn’t feel like she should have to compromise fashion when choosing winter coats---and we know just how brutal our winters can be.  

The M Coat can be used as a maternity jacket and can be brought back to a formfitting jacket as well. But, we think the best part is that this jacket fits right over your baby carrier with just an easy attachment! Winner of Ontario’s Ministry of Small Businesses Award in 2009, it has been noted as truly ingenious with praise from other mothers who love using it.

At Ella Bella we are offering out customers the M Coat in black, mulberry, grey, and navy! The versatile winter maternity jacket is perfect for our Canadian winters and keeps both mom and baby extra warm with pure Canadian down.

Being a busy mom it can be hard to find maternity clothes that accommodate your baby carrier---the M Coat will zip right over that carrier making it an easy choice to throw on for your day of activities together.

The M Coat comes equipped with details that we know you will love like a detachable hood, additional drawstrings to pull under your belly or to add extra support for baby, and outer fabric that is treated to resist liquid and stains. The jacket is also washable and guaranteed to be made of fresh fabric.

Succumbing to an unflattering winter coat does not have to be an option for you this winter. Invest in the M Coat as your go-to for days out by yourself and with your baby in tow as well.

And don't forget that ALL M Coats are on SALE until Sunday, November 6, 2016. That means you only have until this weekend to save for your winter bump needs :)

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